Thursday, January 27, 2011

Catfish Final Paper

             The movie Catfish is a great movie that portrays certain things in society; like being s parent of a mentally handicapped child, the extremes people go to, to be noticed, how one lie can compile into a network of lies, and many other different things in life. This movie can relate to a lot of different people and thus making it a great movie for really anyone. I personally enjoyed this movie because it took something boring, like a documentary, and made it into an entertaining piece of film. At first I was not interested in this movie at all, but by the end I wanted to see it again.
The movie Catfish was made in 2010 as a documentary that was directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. The main characters Nev Shulman, Angela Wesselman-Peirce, Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost are all played by themselves and all of their characteristics all belnd together really well. They all seem to have great chemistry even though Henry is the one directing the movie.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cat Fish part 3

well today we finished the movie. My original thoughts of themovie competely changed at the end. I figured that angela was doing all of these things out of desperation for the end of her life, because she had cancer. She really does not have cancer nor does she have a daughter named Megan. Angela did a very good job at making Nev think that all of these things about her and her family was true. When in reality nothing of it was true. Their entire relationship had been through facebook and talking on her phone. What she did happens all the time and truly the whole thing was messed up. But in America 5.6% of all facebook profiles are fake. But I think that Angela took it to a whole new leverl. She built massive ammounts of fake profiles that were full of pictures and videos and friends that she had never met. Not only did she break many facebook codes but she broke the law as well. I can't believe that someone could be so melicious that she would go through all the trouble to build a strong relationship with Nev and lead him on for almost eight months. The things that she said and feelings she expressed were wrong and I hope that this sort of thing never happens to anyone in this way. I would think that Angela should get help because I think that she is mentally ill

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cat Fish Part 2

In the segment of the movie that we watched today Nev confronts "Meg" who turns out to be Angela who doesn't look anything like the Angela he thought he knew. It didn't really shock me that much because of what we watched yesterday. This lady in my opinion must be mentally unstable. Her two children that live in the house are bothi mentally handicapped and i think that some of that comes from her. it turns out that Meg does actually exist but she is in a alcohol rehab center for her alcohol problem. This whole thing creeps me out how someone could prolong a fake relationship for so long and get away with it and not worry about being caught.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cat Fish Freewrite

At the beggining of the movie there is a definate sense that tension is starting to rise between the video producer and Nev. Due mainly to the effect of everything that Nev has been learning about Meg is all false and the Gallery that the family bought is still empty and has been for four years. So Nev is mad and is also mad about the fact the documentery is invading on his life and he wants it to stop. At the end of the segment today we ended on the team deciding to drive to michigan and finding out who these people really are. At the beggining it seems like Meg is so real and now she isn't appearing real at all. I am curious to see what they find when the team goes to Michigan and comfronts Meg and her Family. The movie built the relationship that Nev and Meg start to have and then the movie starts breaking it down only a half hour into it which I didn't like very much but so far I have high hopes for the movie and how it finishes.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Position Paper

In the increasingly advancing world of technology there is also a rising demand for newer, brighter, [evhs1] and flashier smart phones. These devices are the newest technology available in the cell phone industry and have virtually eliminated all regular non-smart phone markets. This paired with the continuous opening of businesses around the world; these new and old businesses alike have seen the benefits of these smart phones sky rocket over the past few years.
You can go online and purchase virtually anything you might need from a PC to your smart phone[evhs2] . Things to help you manage accounts track employees on jobs, and ones that could virtually run your business for you. The use of laptops out in the field are becoming obsolete for law enforcement officers and agents both on the government level all the way down to local law enforcement. The survey of small and large businesses, released in 2008 by J. Gold Associates, projected that the use of smart phones in corporate settings will double over the next three years. The survey found that the number of smart phone devices will grow about 30 percent in the next year, and will have doubled over three years. The use of business applications on smart phones is also projected to grow, by 71 percent over one year and 196 percent over three years.
These new phones have made it easier to stay in touch in the field as well. Not only do some apps allow you to track the location of your employees and yourself but also allow you to converse with those that may be miles and miles away from where you are. With so many 3G and 4G towers being put up communication via short wave radios are becoming more and more difficult as the amount of interference rises. But with these new apps coming out you are able to read charts and fill out forms not on a piece of paper where handwriting can be mistaken but you can do so on your smart phone and be sent directly back to your boss without having to wait to go back to headquarters for them to receive information. These new phones allow you to look up company information or procedures without having to go through an enormous book to find out which wire to cut. You can easily search through the whole book with just a few taps of a screen and a tap of a button.
            Yet another enormous feat is when sales men and women are out selling products, they are able to look up every single detail, even ones they don’t know existed, in an instant. In one report done by the LA Times business magazine it stated that after a one hundred companies distributed smart phones, sales increased in those companies by an average of 13% and when surveys were taken by the customers 88% of them said that “they purchased their respective products for quality and knowledge of the salesperson”. These phones also allow the salesperson to look up comparisons to their products and offer discounts on ones that are found at a lower price at another company.
            This new and competitive product has also helped in stimulating the economy.  It is bringing about new jobs for people in the information technology field, not only there but in cell phone service providers around the world, also providing new jobs for people to sell these phones to service providers[evhs3] . It has also created competition within companies allowing them to sell more products a hire on new people to help assemble these phones and ensure they work by hiring beta testers for the phones. In the third quarter alone (march-august) when the new DROID hit the market their net earnings alone for the first month was 199 million dollars and possibly more including sales on their other phones alone.
            Major corporations have integrated these technologies into their workplaces and continuously find new ways that these new phones help their companies flourish. With a multitude of apps to solve any given problem they are becoming a valuable asset into company’s inner workings and seem to have a lasting and profound effect on how businesses operate. And these phones will continue to pop up in more and more companies each year.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog FreeWrite

In this world i think that writing in a blog for a living is a great thing to do. Just because you can blog from virtually anywhere. Essentially you can have a smart phone and anywhere your phone can go your blog and your work can go with you. It’s not that you're lazy to go to work every day it’s that you can experience your work and not be sitting behind a desk all day. In fact you can have a blog about your work. Let’s say that you were a fireman and wanted to write a blog about being one. You could take your phone or laptop with you and still be doing two jobs blogging and sitting around the fire hall.
Blogging is a great way to get recognized or at least have the chance to be. Blog are available for everyone to see and read. But along with that comes a certain amount of responsibility. You can’t write bad things about your boss or about your work because then if they see that you have the high likelihood of being fired.
Blogs also allow you to express yourself and who you are and what you want to be in life. It’s a good way to vent about a problem or describe a situation that other people might have questions about. there are many uses of a blog and i think it’s a great tool and asses to have.
Another benefit of blogs is that if a publisher happens to come across it and like it you can publish your blog as a book as many people have done in the past already and have made millions on. For doing something as simple as writing everyday you can make a huge living without really trying all that hard. It doesn’t take a writing genius to write a blog just someone with a computer or phone and a dedicated mind.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

At 1201 tonight could possibly be the dawn of a new age of movies..lets hope this hype satisfies